Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

{Cathedral Park, taken on my iPhone}

Happy Monday! I'm a little slow to the blogging today. I'm a bit slow in general, actually. It's just one of those Mondays I suppose! How was your weekend? Mine was, in one word: Busy! We had a lot of family stuff going on, but it was all so much fun and the weather was absolutely fantastic here in Portland. It's tough for anything to get me down when the sun is shining.

We made it out for a bike ride to the Farmer's Market to get some flowers for our Moms (and my first bunch of peonies this season!!!), spent some time up on our rooftop, went for a reallyyyy long walk through Portland's West Hills (my bum is a bit sore today!) and had an awesome family dinner for Mother's Day. I'd love to hear what the weekend was like for you!