Monday, March 15, 2010

I think we all know that person who speaks in movie quotes... constantly. You wonder, how the heck do they remember that? Sometimes it makes for awkward silences. Case in point, tonight:

Corey: Says/does something funny.
Me: Babe, you're funny!
Corey: Funny, how? Like a clown? Like I amuse you?
Me: Silence. Confusion. (In my head thinking: Really? What do you mean funny how? Funny like you made me laugh!)
Corey: It's a quote from Good Fellas.
Me: Ohhhhh. Yeah. Never seen it.

This happens more than I care to admit. It happened all the time when we first started dating. You know that stage when even if the guy says something weird/dumb/confusing you just nod your head and smile and hope he doesn't realize you have no freakin' clue what they're talking about?! Yeah. It was awkward. But that's why I love him!